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Evaluation of effectiveness

    Of course, the main criterion of the crops growing is the HARVEST. And all our activities (recommendations) are directed to get a big crop with good qualitative characteristics. The following string can help in this: diagnostics - recommendations - evaluation of effectiveness.
The modern methods let us efficiently evaluate the biological crop capacity and the economic effectiveness of the used preparations.
In addition, as we know,  nothing can be effective completely in production; but  faults are detected in time, they can solved before next season.
Taking into consideration the biological crop capacity, we evaluate the factual AGROBIOLOGICAL PARAMETERS of crops in agriculture and its comparison with NORMATIVE ones the conditions of the West Siberian region. Thus the so called weak links are detected, and the target activities against the them are prepared for the next vegetation season. Every farmer would like to know the ptential abilities of their production!
Let us evaluate the effectiveness of the protection activities together! Call us and our specialists will help you!