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The diagnostics of detrimental objects is the important 1st step in the technology of the crops growing. Evaluating the phytosanitary condition of seeds, crops and soils, it is important to foresee the complex of protection activities that will help to reduce the  injuriousness of weeds, diseases and pests. It is very important that the block of plant protection in the production string goes professionally and effectively by means of all phytosanitary methods: the agrotechnical and selective activities, biomethods and plant protection products.
The scientific and research center Ecoflora ltd. can do these activities.
The following string is an example: diagnostics – recommendations. According to the results of the phytoexamination of seeds, we can give recommendations about the preplant preparation of the seminal and planting stocks for each batch. The long-term experience and responses from our consumers prove the importance of this activity.

Any harvest begins with seeds

Only the system protectants can decrease the infection of these seeds

It is not needed to treat these seeds, you can just use the biopreparation or regulator
Everything is done right!