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The reference manual Weeds In Ceral Crops In Western Suiberia third edition 2010.

Authors: Pavlova O.I., Reshetnyak A.Yu., Zakharov A.F., Sanarov E.S.

 The manual includes original photos of weeds at different stages of development, given their biological and morphological features. To clarify the regulations the use of herbicides should be guided by The List Of Pesticides And Agrochemicals permitted for use in Russian Federation.
We sincerely thanked for collaboration and support to our partners- the company BASF (Germany), Bayer CropScience (Germany), Dupont (USA), Cheminova (Denmark), Syngenta(Switzerland).
Price: 300 rub.
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The reference manual Diseases Of Creal Crops In Western Siberia 2009.

Authors: Pavlova O.I., Kirichenko A.A., Ruleva J.V.

In reference to your attention a concise summary of the information on the most damaging diseases of cereal crops in Siberia. Biological features of phytopathogens are complemented by photos of symptoms, as well as microscopic images of infection pathogens structures. The value of facts, contributing to the diseases, as well as information about the current range of fungicides, past production test in farms of the region will allow to make decision quilckly to control phytosanitary situation.
Price: 250 rub.
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The Main Pea Pest In Siberia

Author: Poddubnaya E.N.

The book discusses the main pea pests in Siberia: sitona weevils, pea aphid, pea weevil. Given phenogrammy of insects development, accaunting methods, criteria for damage and control measures.
Price: 150 rub.
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Monograph Cucumber Downy Mildew 2008

Authors: Koshnikovich V.I., Shcherbinin A.G., Timoshenko N.N.

Available information on the species composition of cucumber diseases and generalized similarity analysis of the diseases across regions. The evaluation of the biological capacity of cucumber with phytosanitary perspective. 
The main attention is paid to the mildew agent. The questions of prevalence, morphological and structural features and biology of a pathogen, on the basis of mathematical analysis developed mecanisms for damage. Based on data from biology and intraspecific diversity issues described epiphytoteology.
Information is given on long-term forecasting mildew in Siberia, offered analytical models based on direct and index association of prognostic factors. We describe methods developed by the author assessing variental indexed collections. The opportunities of the crop, biological and chemical control epiphytoties mildew.
Price: 300 rub.
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