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Today the right diagnosis is as important in plant protection as in medicine. The detrimental object detected correctly and in time is a guarantee of high effectiveness of protection activities. If the quantity of detrimental objects is low, and so as its development, the effectiveness of chemical treatments increases, the preparations dosages decrease, and environmental effects are not serious. As a result, the protection activities give a real financial advantage protecting and saving the crops harvests.

Because of detrimental objects the harvests loss is equal from 15 to 20% every year. To improve the situation it is important to know a lot of things: the development and propagation peculiarities of an object, its persistence, optimal conditions for gradation, interrelations with other objects, the plant condition and... the weather forecast...

Do you argee? It is impossible to solve a problem alone!!!

The scientific and research center Ecoflora ltd. invites for cooperation. Using the modern methods of the detrimental objects detection in growing and storing of crops, we will help you to choose the right protection activities.