Aya-Plus Club \ Scientific works
Olga Pavlova
candidate of biological sciences
director of Ecoflora ltd.
        The scientific direction is phytopathology and plant protection. Ms Pavlova studies the new plant protection methods, adopts the new ones in production and stimulates the use of the present ones taking into consideration different levels of the production intensification of crops.
       She works out and publishes the recommendations and reference books for agricultural producers about the ways of controlling of  the detrimental objects populations adapted for the practical use in West Siberia.
Andrey Shcherbinin
candidate of agricultural sciences
director of Aya-plus ltd.
- Expert in the downy mildew causative agents of thr downy mildew (pseudoperonospora cubensis) of cucumbers and other plants of the Cucurbitaceae family. 
- Adopts the marketing in plant protection.
- Forms the professional personnel. Creates the conditions for the company members to let them learn the international experience in plant protection, agriculture, plant growing and the realization of potential.
Andrey Zakharov
candidate of agricultural sciences
regional director
     For several years Andrey has done (and still does) the practical work about optimization of the crop rotation system and the use of the plant protection products in conditions of the resource-saving agriculture in many farms of the Novosibirsk region.
Albina Kirichenko
candidate of agricultural sciences
Ecoflora ltd.
   Albina evaluates the phytosanitary condition of the cereal crops seeds and diagnoses diseases, its forecast and its control. She studies the morphological, cultural,  parasitic and epiphytotheological peculiarities of the diseases causative agents. Ms Kirichenko does a research of the effectiveness of the fundamental (sort and predecessors), prophylactic (calibration and sowing warm-up) and operative (protectants) methods against the cereal crops diseseases.
Juliya Ruleva
specialist in plant protection 
Ecoflora ltd.

Qualification-agronomist in plant protection. Specialization - phytopathology, plant protection. Scientific research in the field of monitoring the complex of seed infection on cereal and vegetable crops in western Siberia. Testing and improvement of diagnostic methods pathogens, the study of the effectiveness of new pesticides in Siberia.
Sanarov Evgeniy Sergeevich
regional representative

Specialist in the field of weed control. Develops and implements in practice control technology with hard weeds - field bindweed and spurge. Optimizes the use of existing tools for weed control with the adopted technology in the economy. Has an extensive experience in designing protection schemes for plant crop rotations, saturated sensitive aftereffect hybrid cultures.  
Gusarov Dmitry Sergeevich
candidate of agricultural sciences
regional representative

Kazakova Olga Alexandrovna
manager of plant protection products