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There is such  profession to protect the homeland (20th of November 2009)

Shcherbinin's family tradition serve in the army every 30 years
Turkestan 1920  
Great -grandfather- Nikolai Stepanovich (seated left)

Ukraine 1950  

Grandfather- Gennady Nikolaevich
Byelorussia 1980  

Father- Andrey Gennadievich
Russia 2010  

I- Dennis Andreevich

Inductee Shcherbinin to Army Headquartes

Yes, these are my clothes
Assimilating the experience

Sleight of hand
  Right in the bull's-eye  
There are women in the russian settlements Teach, Soldier!  

In all needed skill, training, coaching...

Where the infantry did not take place and armoured train won't rush
Denis on the belly crawl and nothing has happened to him

Who will faster cook beetroot salad


The commision...
Albina: Can we eat it?
Andrew: Kirichenko, conversations in the ranks,a year of crisis,difficult
Kate: I would try a bit


Here you can only write letters to the homeland


Inductee Shcherbinin,
Do not forget us
Letters to Aya-plus you should write


Soldier goes through the city
On an unfamiliar street

We give you an album
Keep photos in it
And do not forget a notebook  


We wish you to become a soldier
Aya-plus waiting for you!!!  

Farewell with the city(26/11/2009)


Wife (Masha), clothes that fit in one bag and other amenitis are waitng for the next year 

Before departure (27/11/2009)
With the first army friend (Maxim, from Maslyaninsky district, Novosibirsk region) How it all goes there?  

Novosibirsk, railway station

The beginning of new life...

I will return in a year
Military oath 12/12/2009
town Kamen-na-Obi, military unit 03025