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Scientific approach in Krasnozerka

     What is interested managers and agronomists farms of Novosibirsk region, but the start date of spring? Of course the search for effective low-cost technologies of cultuvation to difficult conditions this year.
     Agrarians Krasnozersk district was able to find answers on a scientific seminar which held on the 15th of April. Organizers were: Scientific-research center Ecoflora, Aya-plus company- the official distributor of plant protection products in the Siberian region and Bayer company- the leading producer of medicine, pesticides and other chemical products.
     A unique feature of the event was the use of laboratory and field data which were collacted during the investigation of Krasnozersk region in 2009/2010. It was possible due to the fact that farmers for many years worked closely with scientific-research center Ecoflora.
     Thinking about the coming sowing agronomists with special attention react to scientific research of the phytosanitary state of seeds and soil in many farms of the area. The specialists of Ecoflora analysed the quality of seeds.
     Also discussed the technical issues of growing spring wheat, peas, soya and the effectiveness of various crop rotations. Krasnozerka- is a leader in Novosibirsk region for the introduction of modern technologies (Mini-till, No-till). Useful for the participants of the seminar was the information about the newplant protection products (protectants, herbicides, fungicides).
    The event turned out rich and informative, thanks for the participation to leading farms and Krasnozersky Department of Agriculture. In everybody's opinion such seminars should get a regular character.
     Exchange of experience, knowledge and contacts, close cooperation of science and practical experience are good steps towards a decent result.

Director of the scientific-research center Ecoflora Olga Ivanovna Pavlova highlighted the main issues of various crops cultivation. The candidate of Agricultural Sciences Kirichenko Albina Alexandrovna reported on the results of the analysis of seed and soil on the population of the pathogens of crops.
The representative of Bayer company the candidate of Agricultural Sciences Soroka Vitaly explaines the advantages of the original products of Bayer CropScience Proceedings cooerdinated dispassionate jury (Krut' V. M., Zakharov A.F. , Moskvitin A.S.) but thought they were more globally, but each of his

In the room was attentive and appreciative audience
The seminar- it is a place where you can meet friends and collegues ... make new friends...
... get a lot of new useful information... ... and have a good time in friends company...