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     In recent years in agricultural production there is a permanent development of crop cultivating technologies- primarily in the care of crops. Namely for the plant protection on 27 of July in Reshetovskoe held the seminar. The organizers of the seminar -Bayer company, the leading producer of medicine, pesticides and other chemical products and Aya-plus -the official distributor of Bayer plant protection products in Siberian region. 

     Opening the seminar the chief agronomist N.I. Porozinsky reviewed the current state of affairs in the crop area and pointed the main problemes faced by agriculture in 2009.

    The chief agronomist in plant protection A.A. Hernov informed the participants about the phytosanitary situation in the area.

     Director of Reshetovskoe V.N. Prokhorenko in his speech dwelled on the 15 year experience with the original german preparations, also he spoke about plans to use a scientific approach in plant growing.

     The representative of Bayer a candidate of agricultural sciences A.S. Moskvitin and director of Novosibirsk branch of Aya-plus a candidate of agricultural sciences A.F. Zakharov made presentations directly in the experimental field where different mixtures of herbicides were used. They drew participant's attention on the emergence of new effective means to control weeds, pests and diseases, and described the technological features of their application. For example, it shows the effect of herbicides which can work on 2 phase of leaves untill the end of booting crops, which is especially important in this difficult weather conditions year.

    Participants agreed that such seminars are very useful and should get regular character.