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Golden Medal 2010

Congratulations to staff Aya-plus Ltd and Ecoflora with a golden medal in specialized exhibition Agro-Siberia (Kemerovo, 19.10.2010-22.10.2010)

Special thanks to the authors, to our dear AYAshkam for the reference books Diseases of Cereal Crops in Western  Siberia and Weeds of Grain Crops in Western Siberia
The practice shows that there are not former AYAshek. Our congratulations to one of the authors Reshetnyak A.Y. with his Birthday.
All the beat for further success to all the participants of the project.
Pavlova Olga Ivanovna
Zakharov Andrey Fedorovich
Sanarov Evgeniy Sergeevich
Reshetnyak Andrey Yurovich
Kirichenko Albina Aleksandrovna
Ruleva Julia Vitalievna