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From 4 to 7 August 2009 BASF company held a seminar BASF Filed Day which took place in Kaliningrad. This event was attended by our represantatives Ekaterina Belikova and Julia Ruleva. 

We are all together Our team.
E. Belikova (Aya-plus Ltd, Novosibirsk),
J.Ruleva (Ecoflora)
Serious grip On the background of the Royal Gates
Farmers K.K. Nurpeisov, N.A. Gluhota, A.F. Chepelyuk T. von Der Decca, owner of the farm where held a seminar (Gusevski region, Lipovka)
Dashed off here, I'm tired A. Vidus (in the middle) the representative of BASF
Demonstration of Agricultural Machinery

There is room to grow