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     In the period from November 30 to December 4 took another trip to Germany organized by the company BASF. This time the purpose of the trip was to visit the farms Grossmachnow and Mittenwalde Federal State of Brandenburg situated in the suburb of Berlin. These organizations were founded on the basis of the former German farms, so-called LPG and specialize in the production of crop and dairy products. The representatives of BASF conducted tours of the production facilities of farms and organized a small seminars. During the seminars discussed various technical issues and problems faced by farmers in agricultural production products, such as the overproduction of corn and milk. The Head of the company Mittenwalde told about measures of state support, particularly in the State of Brandenburg it is about 270 euros per hectare, regardless of the results. Also a very interesting visit was to the place where biogas is produced - the main source of energy, the production of which is based on the precessing of virtually any material.

     The cultural part of the program consisted of tours in Berlin - a city whose age is over 800 years. There were shown the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, a monument to Holocaust victims, as well as detailed tour of the former west Berlin with a stop at the remains of the famous Berlin wall, the 20 th anniversary of the fall which was noted recently.

     Continuation of the cultural program was held in the capital of Saxony, Dresden which has no less interesting history than Berlin. This town who had no military strategic value was completely destroyed by American troops in January 1945 at the time when the outcome of the war was already a foregone conclusion. Dresden's main attractions are: the Zwinger and the famous Zwinger Gallery.

     We wolud like to thank once again the organizers for a useful and informative trip. And all the participants of the event for support and nice company! 


In the german cattle-breading complex of Mittenwalde
The representative of the BASF company in Siberia Oshkukov S.V. (for the morning distribution of feed)  

Shop for the production of biogas - the main source of energy in agriculture

                                              Zakharov A.F   Sanarov E.S.
Theater Square in Dresden

  at the monument to the founder of lutheranism M.Luther
Theater Square in Dresden Bridge of Augustus the Strong

The Zwinger

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