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Dream Comes True
     From 11 to 30 September in Shenyang State Agrarian University (China) The International training course in English language Theory and Technology of Plant Protection in the 21st centure took place where I was fortunate to be there. The course was organised by China for young professionals in the field of plant protection from developing countries.
     At first, I considered that the word "developing country" is not suitable for Russia, but at the end of a course I agreed with it.
     The group of students consisted of 17 people from 10 countries: Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Algeria, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, South Korea. In addtion to a great variety of cultures, traditions, habits, languages and relogions, our group differ in ages: 27 to 56. As it turned out, these differences did not prevent from making friends people from defferent continents. Formed in such a manner quite colorful and international team became friendly to me for 3 weeks.
     The training programm compiled by the organizers was very rich and very diverse. Lectures included a wide range of topics from different areas of plant protection:
      1) Wheat protection from rust diseases
      2) PCR diagnosis of plant diseases.
      3) Soya cyst nematode
      4) Integrated wheat protection from major diseases
      5) Information technology in plant protection
      6) Diagnosis of plant diseases
      7) Diagnosis and control of farming crops
      8) Monitoring of crop pests
      9) State dipteran fauna in China
     10) The control of soil infections of wheat
     11) The production and use of pesticides in China
     12) Study and application of bioproducts in China
     In addition to the lectures courses excursions to the Academy of Agriculture, The Plant Potection Station of Liaonin Province, biologics plant in greenhouses, laboratory buildings, experimental fields at Agricultural University were organised. No less exciting was the cultural program. As foreign visitors we visited an enternational exhibition 2009 Northeast Asia hi tech Fair and international seminar on modern biotechnology in various industries. As foreigners our group participated in demonstration (!) devoted to the opening of the university sports days, where we proudly strode in twenty thousandth crowd of students and staff waving flags of our countries. We visited beautiful parks, Imperial Palace, emperor mausoleum, water caves, the port city Dalian and of course shops.
     Chinese people won me with their responsibility, accuracy, failtness and friendliness. Along with this angered their attitude towards women, pedestrians and windows. The trip exceeded all my expectations and I told goodbye to my friends with tears in my eyes.
     It was an amazing experience in communication in English with representatives of various countries. I am sure as for me and others participants training has brought a lot of pleasant emotions and scientific contacts.

Albina Kirichenko         

  Participants:Orkun Baris Koyanci (Turkey), Yalafaizy Binti Mohd Yusoff, Siti Noor Aishikin Abdul Hamid (Malaysia), Mohammed Solaiman, Md. Rakibul Bahar, Monzur Morshed Ahmed (Bangladesh), Asghar Shayan, Sejedjavad Norouzian (Iran), Ekaterina Georgievna Valcheva, Dimitriyka Nikoloya Sakalieva (Bulgaria), Mi Kyeong Kim (South Koria), Dalila Basta (Algeria), Felix Dapare Dakora (South Africa), Albina Kirichenko, Irina Sukhanova (Russia), Otgonjardall Khureldagva, Byambasuren Mijidsuren (Mongolia), E jian (China)