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11-13.11. 2009 Agriculture forum in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk
1. Collegues engaged inplant protection in this day had been friends
A.G. Shcherbinin (Aya-plus Ltd) and S.I. Lipsky (Bayer CropScience) on the stand Aya-plus
D. Goruaev (Shyolkovo Agrohim) and E. Gromova (Aya-plus Ltd) on the stand Shyolkovo
Olga Podolyak (Krasnoyarskselhozhimsnab) and Ekaterina Gromova (Aya-plus) on the stand Bayer
2. Dear guests-far and close
The first meeting was with the representative not of Krasnoyarsk, but Altai region-A.D. Trubnikovim
The holiday has put  practitioner and scientist together
(Director of Osen' Ltd M.V. Vlisko and candidate of Agricultural Science, Professor of general farming KrasGAU A.D. Beketov)
There is something to think about, something to remember and something to smile
(chief agronomist Nazarovskoe S.N. Golochshapov)
To clients we smile... ... and greet
...entertain ... nothing take ourselves
3. About courage, honor and glory
Representatives of Agriculture Ministry of Krasnoyarsk region. R. V. Alhimenko on Aya-plus stand
What makes uor life beautiful -knowledge, strength, power? We found another answer- a beautiful and intelligent woman (professor N.A. Tabakov, Yu. N. Trubnikov, N.V. Tsuglinok, organizational management consultant Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region N.P. Levchenko)
We don't need someone else's glory, it is nice to help someone
Ay!!! Our collegues from Shyolkovo Agrohim- one diploma is yours.
P.S. Thank you, our invisible hero
Many thanks to Sergei Shekk for his help
Than you!!!