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Our congratulations to Shcherbinin Dennis
with the end of army service!

Well done!!!

  12th of November 2010

Our congratulations to Ekaterina Gromova with a WEDDING DAY!!!

A wedding is a door to happiness,
When two decide to share their lives as one.
Your marriage is an adventure bright and new;
The pleasures and delights have just begun.
We wish for you a lifetime full of love;
May you always keep that magical attraction.
Let your bond and your commitment grow with time!

3rd of September 2010
  Our congratulations to Dmitry Gusarov with a WEDDING DAY!!!

May this special day you share
Be filled with love and laughter.
May all the days ahead
Be happy ever afte
Our congratulations to Olga Kazakova
with the defence of diploma paper in EXCELLENT!
 Well done!!!

May 28, 2010 held a seminar on DuPont Day in Aya-plus
      It is sowing, but already now many have questions on the following: "How "unique" winter conditions affect the timing of germination, the species and quantity of weeds? And how and what system of protective measures are planned for this season, in "challenging" economic conditions".
     These questions give a task to our employees and we decided to go on pronciple "One head -well, but a lot-better".
     It was decided to organize a seminar and to invite a Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Statsova Grogoria Yakovlivicha, a representative of DuPont company Minyaylova MaximaAlexandrovicha, all Aya-plus regional representatives and Ecoflora Ltd.
     Weeds-are an integral part of agroecosystems and development time is a priority for protective measures to plant vegetation. In addtion, weeds attract many pests on cultivated plants. For example, sod webworms, wich has already appered.
   In our opinion the seminar was dynamic, rich and informative, largely due to the desire to convey the essence to the audience and a way of presenting information Stetsova G.Y. and, of course, very interested listeners, namely our employees.
    During the presentation and discussions, special attention was paid to a possible consequences of herbicides in different strucures of crop rotation, and factors contributing to the increase of the risk, as well as the most effective and economically viable scheme and timing of herbicide application, taking into account some features of this year.
February 18,2010 in Barnaul held seminar Innovation of the company
Bayer CropScience

Questions which were discussed:

1) An integrated system for protection cereal crops (Ryzhenko Alexander, the Head of Bayer new business development)

2) Experience in the use of Bayer preparations (Shcherbakov Peter, regional represantative for agrotechnical development in Siberia)

3) An integrated protection system of sugar beet and rape (Borisenko Victor, product manager)

4) Protection of packing and new herbicide Master (Moskvitin Alexander, sales manager in


5) A report about the visit to share experience of herbicide Master in Belarus (which was made by our colleague Kirichenko Albina)

The seminar was attended by staff Aya-plus Ltd: Shcherbinin A.G., Sanarov E.S., Gusarov D.S., Kirichenko A.A.

The team Aya-plus and  Ecoflora heartily congratulate
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of Plant Protection and Epithitology department, the head of the first Research School of Plant Protection in Siberia
 Valentina Andreevna Chulkina
with the election as academician of ecology of
International Academy of Sciencies  Ecology and Life Associated with the UN

November 2, 2009 we received the following letter of thanks:

Congratulations to Shcherbinin Andrew Gennadievich

with successful completion of the first year MBA program

(joint program NSUEM (Russia) and the College MANCOSA (South Africa))

Top International Forum Business in Turbulent Times -May 2009
Training is being conducted by John Walthuis, CEO of Bruynzeel-sakura, Netherlands

10.11.2008. Meeting staff Aya-plus Ltd with Yusuf Karadiya, director MANCOSA (South Africa)

Yusuf Karadiya and Ayashka. 10.11.2008 Gusev Mikhail, director of MBA programs in NSUEM, presents a paper of the end of the first year of training under the program MBA. 31.10.2009