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On the 10th of November on the basis of Aya-plus ltd. (Novosibirsk) as an additional educational program of MBA the business presentation for the MANCOSA representatives was organized in our office.   


       The management college of South Africa (MANCOSA) specializes in the distant form of MBA. Several thausand students have already graduated the college, some of them are specialists in management structure of such companies as Mersedes, Chrysler, Standart Oil and many others. The director of Aya-plus ltd. Andrey Shcherbinin undergoes a training in this program.

The market relations in agriculture of West Siberia, its development and prospects were discussed during the presentation. Andrey Reshetnyak, the Aya-plus regional director, candidate of agricultural sciences, presented the comparative evaluation of the agricultural sector in the Siberian region and the main world  tendencies that have been realized in our conditions.   

The history of the company foundation, its aims, its place on the market and its priorities in development were presented in the report by Andrey Shcherbinin, director of Aya-plus ltd., candidate of agricultural sciences. The Aya-plus specialists presented the company as a main partner of the plant protection products producers in the Siberian region. Olga Pavlova, director of Ecoflora ltd., candidate of biological sciences, gave proof of the necessity of the scientific approach to protection activities; and the visual demonstration was presented by Juliya Ruleva, sprcialist in plant protection, and Albina Kirichenko, specialist-phytopathologist, candidate of agricultural sciences. The name of the company (Aya-plus), that reflects the strategy of the company work, has been known to for a long time to the agricultural producers of Siberia. But the connotation of the company name in other languages needs some additional information that was presented by Denis Shcherbinin, the Aya-plus pr manager.





 Director of Aya-plus ltd. Andrey Shcherbinin and a regional director Andrey Reshrtnyak during their reports

 Yusuf Karodia, principal of MANCOSA (Republic of South Africa)




Russia is generous, and its warmth and cordiality were appreciated by Mr. Karodia diring the dinner.

Presentation of the souvenir with the company symbolics.

Mr. Karodia with our symbol!


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