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 On the 16th-17th of February, 2009 in the Aya-plus Ltd. office there was a production conference with the BASF specialists (Germany). 

     Every new season in plant protection does not resemble the previous ones and needs an individual analysis. The brain storm always gives an opportunity to see something new in those things that seem to be very familiar, to find non-standard decisions and to liberalize.

Two heads are better than one.

 And we have more than tow...

 A.G. Shcherbinin,
Aya-plus ltd. (Novosibirsk)
 A.T. Vidusov, BASF (Germany)
P. Hopper, BASF (Germany)
D. Shcherbinin, Aya-plus (Russia)
P. Hopper,  BASF (Germany) 
A. Shcherbinin, Aya-plus (Russia)
Candidate of biological sciences O. Molchanov, BASF (Germany)
Every season in plant protection starts with the protection of seeds.

Oleg Molchanov

 A. Zakharov, O. Molchanov, P. Hopper.
Visiting of the places of interest.
 P. Hopper, O. Molchanov, A. Zakharov.
Visiting of the places of interest.

Even the opera house is a symbol of the city, it was not the only thing that the guests appreciated.