Aya-Plus Club

It is very difficulty to get someone to live and work together. To separate someone from the whole is also impossible.  AYAshka Club open the doors to all former and present employees, suppliers or consumers of goods and services, for whom the companies SEPTA, Aya-plus or Ecoflora are not an empty place, but a piece of life with it's nuances and subtleties. We do not separate people for some characteristics (gender, nationality, racial, cultural), but as any company AYAshka Club  has it's own principles. They are simple and clear:

PROFESSIONALISM of each to the movement of goods or services from the producer or generator of the idea to the succesful solution of problem with which the client appealed to us. Hence, this principle is a set of employees in our company, on the same principle build the relationships with the outside world. The best reward for us - communication or work with real professionals.

HONESTY- all employees of our company, partners and customers have the right to accurate  information. We are open, mobile, helpful and willing to forgive mistakes and delisions. Our real partners forgive our mistakes, delisions and we are thankful them for that. Combined work on the mistakes with our partners brings us together, enriches and useful for everyone.

UTILITY- real business has benefits for both sides. Otherwise, it is charity or deception. We have nothing against charity, but deception is not our credo. Communication in order to find common ground for a truly mutually beneficial cooperation is another side of contacts, which gives  AYAshka Club.

AYAshka Club
has no physical boundaries. Countries, languages, continents - there are no obstacles for frienship or work with people, who has the same principles. We welcome new friends, we appreciate reliable collegues and partners.


Agriculture is a sector with depends on a number of factors. Each employee of the company must be in the know of the latest Russian and foreign scientific advances. That is why in the company we practice the studies in the places of working, business trips connected with a particular question of plant protection and also the trips to enrich the employees’ knowledge.

Recently our employees have participated in the following educational events:


23-28.01.08 – S. G. Shcherbinina was in Italy within the bounds of the working program for the Syngenta distributors.


04-08.02.08 – A. A. Vasilenko was upgrading his professional skills in the field of engineering in the national research institute of plant protection (Pushkin - St. Petersburg).


04-08.02.08 – A. G. Shcherbinin was in Turkey within the bounds of the working program for the BASF distributors.


03-18.02.08 – O. I. Pavlova was in Czech Republic.


18-22.02.08 – U. E. Ruleva was in Altai within the bounds of the working program of the BASF Company.